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My Halloween Costume

In honor of my favorite Tuesday night TV show, I will be dressing up as The Biggest Loser this Halloween.  I will be stuffing my Biggest Loser t-shirt with candy, which is appropriate because 1) it’s Halloween, and 2) it’s a metaphor for obesity.  Throughout the night, I will give away my candy (social message!) until I become skinny again.

biggestloserSomeone told me that the costume could be offensive.  But, it’s just Halloween… This is the night where ninjas, pirates, and sexy nurses come out in droves.  This is the night where 12-year olds can turn into their favorite promiscuous pop star.  So, I don’t think that dressing up as The Biggest Loser is offensive… just reflective of American society.  I won’t even give any lectures on Type 2 diabetes or the spread of childhood obesity.  All I plan to do is pass out candy from inside my belly.

Don’t hate me.

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