For comments, suggestions, insults, personal attacks, hate mail, and letters featuring statements like “your stupid”, please email me.

Select Pieces of Fan Mail:

“im kinda sad that i just found your blog. i love it. i can’t confirm, but it might be on the shortlist of things i read while on the toilet”

“This blog reminds me of a night out on the town…”

“this is so nerdy it’s, like, funny”

“I thoroughly enjoyed your last posts on the blog…esp. the one with the aliens :)” — Note: I love writing about aliens.

My Favorite Comments

In response to Why Young People Hate Their Jobs:

“Seriously, are your friends stupid? Did they take classes for retards? College sucks and the great thing about having a real job–I and all of my friends agree–is NOT having to be “on” all the time…. Do me a favor. The next time your friends whine about their lousy, good-for-nothing jobs, you send them to me so I can tell them to shut up.” — Okaay.

In response to The Children Are Our Future:

“Dear ‘fresh is back’,
Maybe the ignorant people of your generation should quit judging the youth of the world, purely based on the technology we use and the television shows we watch and realise that just because you dont understand us and the world that we were born into (the one filled with the chaos that your generation created for us to clean up,may i add.). And simply because you are beginning to feel middle age creep up on you like a bid hairy spider and your beginning to forget what it was like rebel against those who restricted you and cast aside the conservitive morals set up by your elders. We are you future whether you like it or not so embrace our ways or get let behind.

xx” — I hope she doesn’t think middle age is 24. And I think this response justifies my concern about the highly-educated youth of America.  

And if you would like to re-publish anything that is on this site, please email me first.

5 responses to “Contact

  1. sop

    Hi Freshisback, Enjoy your blog
    Interesting blog thingy pieces about NY/LA///. Now that you have stayed in LA for a while, you still prefer LA over NYC?
    Any particular area you dig in the LA area?
    I’m living in LA, and the nice weather is doing something to my brain and not quite sure if it’s good or not..

  2. Fresh, you are so fun to read. I’ve definitely had to close out my internet quickly as my boss walked by because I was reading your blog instead of working…ooooops. I found you because when I graduate as an old frikkin’ lady in December (I’m 29), I want to move to either NYC, Miami or LA. I’m from Northern California and have lots of relatives back East. Anyhoo, thanks for the laughs. I started a blog a couple days ago about the dreaded dirty thirty, check it out if you have time.


  3. Michael David Rubin

    Dear Ms. Fresh,

    Hoping you’ll post more here on your blogsite – regret no time for tweet/face, etc.

    You have serious comedic (no, not oxymoronic) gifts.
    Do not deny the world – especially me – such excuses for joyous, raucous laughter.

    World needs more of it, & of you, not so?

    Thanks in advance, as we say in your former corporate world…


  4. Virginia

    I loved your NYC vs. LA pieces! I’m a model/actress looking to move from MI. My heart says west coast, and though I know neither will be a fairytail, your articles made me realize which environment I could really thrive in. LA all the way 🙂
    Much love!
    -Virginia Clare

  5. reformedplayer

    OF COURSE I discover this blog while at work slacking off when I should be working! Aannnnnnd, of COURSE the author is funny and bright and hasn’t posted here for a year and a half! Of course! 😀

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