I did so much bad writing in my 20s. I got hired as a professional writer for the first time when I was 28 or 29, and I literally have thousands of pages of shit. A lot of people aren’t willing to write shit, or they write two pages of shit and then they stop. You have to plow through it.

Damon Lindelof, Lost

Welcome to my shit.

This blog started in Sept. 2008 as a depository for all my random, undeep, unanalytical thoughts, from friends to Los Angeles to Ryan Seacrest as Jesus. The postings are mostly terrible.  But if, for some reason, you wish to indulge in the many insecurities of an awkward Asian girl (no, extremely awkward: like, so awkward that she makes you feel awkward just by being in the same building as her, and she knows this and feels bad about it), then this blog is for you.

One response to “About

  1. Ed Martino,PhD

    Welcome back to earth!

    With a good education it is not necessary to be a slave to someone’s excel sheet.

    Twitter is a good place to work your blog. 😉

    Rock on!

    Follow me on Twitter “ermphd”

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