What I Love About New York City

There are many things that I hate about New York City.  I hate the pigeons, the rats, and the abundance of dog excrement on the streets.  I hate the hot stickiness of the subway platforms, and the way taxi drivers take liberty with your life.  I hate the trash that gets piled up along the sidewalk, regardless of whether it’s trash day or not.  subwayBut most of all, I hate the smells.  I hate the smell of wet, grimy New York after it rains in the summer.  I hate the salty, sweaty smell of people standing too close in the subway.  I hate the smell that sneaks up on you, all of a sudden, as you turn a corner and oh!, that is nasty.  New York is full of these unpleasant surprises, where pigeons can grow to be as tall as man, and the alley behind a seafood restaurant can force passersby into wind sprints.

But there are also many aspects of the city that I love.  I love street vendors, Central Park, and overlooking the skyline on a warm summer evening.  I love happy hours that can last from 4 pm to 4 am.  I love how a single restaurant can have an artsy scene, and a punk scene, and a hipster scene, and a pop-your-collar banker scene.  I love the unconscious mixing of all different people and different backgrounds into one, into a unique New York City culture that can be best described as a clusterfuck, a word that can only be said seriously in New York’s executive boardrooms.

grandcentralHowever, above everything else, I love the chatter in the city.  I love the crazy people talking to themselves on the subway.  I love the snippets of conversation I hear while walking by couples, like “I never should have done that”, or, “But I trade debt securities for a living”.  I love the passion of New York City, with all the yelling and the swearing and the impassioned, vehement debates (“He was talking about Bristol, not the 14-year old!”). I love how you can have enlightened conversations about everything, from the Iran election to the latest A-Rod debacle.

I’ve been in New York for six months now, after moving from LA.  The always-sunny, carefree culture of Los Angeles still pulls at me sometimes, even though conversations there revolve solely around the new celebrity in rehab.  Then again, in LA, I don’t have to deal with mysterious smells and flocks of disease-carrying birds.  But now that I’ve become fully immersed again in the angsty, Type-A, New York City life, I feel more at ease that my brain isn’t wasting away in a Hollywood-induced haze.  So, LA vs. New York?  It’s a matter of body versus mind, I guess.

As of right now, I think mind is winning.



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5 responses to “What I Love About New York City

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  2. John S.

    so funny… my boss actually used “clusterfuck” in a pitch this morning.

  3. Sean

    I found this post to be very inspiring…I’m a New Yorker at heart…I drove out to LA on a whim to start a new life thinking the weather and life style would make me happy.. at the end of your post you say it’s a “body vs. Mind” thing.. That is very true and I never really thought about that before.. In many ways my mind was happier in NY because of the culture…LA is about the body and superficiality at a level I have never seen before..and the whole entertainment business and everything that goes with that. My body is telling me it’s comfortable here and there are hot women here,,, but the lack of intellectual stimulation is getting to me…as well as the vibe

  4. I am finding these entries fascinating. I am from CT. Lived in NY 2 years and then LA just coming on 12. I am headed back to NY next month…
    I feel like I am reading my thoughts exactly except said in a much more eloquent way than I.
    I see from below you came back after all (to LA). I look forward to reading!

  5. samantha browel

    I live in san Francisco and im graduating next year… I cant decide where to go for college la or new York I want to live in the city and I like cold weather a lot but I don’t know if its a good idea to move to the east coast I mean its so far but yeah this helped me

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